Offline Flatplan Editor

Why Easy Flatplan?

Visual flatplan editing

Flexible module size configuration

Articles flowing support

Document statistics information

Drag and drop support

One click PDF export

Reliable tool for everyday job

Simple and intuitive user interface

Easy Flatplan Features

Complete Flatplan Solution

Easy Flatplan has all the features you may need to create flatplans: from custom grids to color coding, including our special "auto flow" feature that keeps the article flowing to other pages automatically.

User Interface

Easy Flatplan is designed with user experience in mind. Our goal is to create a dead simple flatplan application with easy learning curve, so you may get the most of it without learning.

Neat Tools

Easy Flatplan offers nice additional tools like filtering, sorting, statistics, export to PDF and much more. These are the little things that matter. Give Easy Flatplan a try to see them yourself.

Download Download Easy Flatplan Demo

Why Easy Flatplan?

Easy Flatplan is an offline flatplan editor. This means your flatplans are always stored at your local computer or in your local network. This means you don't depend on third-party servers and support. Offline solution means the software will work tomorrow, after a year and even after ten years. It is on your computers — it is yours! Best of all, you don't need to pay subscription fees just to use the product.

Finally, Easy Flatplan has some really nice features and a lovely user interface. Give it a try today!

  • Completely WYSIWYG editing
  • Module placement checking
  • Unlimited sections
  • Customized sections grids
  • Color coding of sections
  • Unlimited inserts
  • Articles flowing feature
  • Drag and drop support
  • Easy modules sorting
  • Complex filtering support
  • Search as you typing
  • One click PDF generation
  • Document statistics
  • Free maintenance for 1 year

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See Screenshots
Easy Flatplan features a really cute user inteface. You will feel at home in minutes!
Download Demo
Download the fully-functional demo of Easy Flatplan and try it yourself.
Order a License
Purchase an Easy Flatplan license to use it in production and get rid of watermarks.

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