Imposition Wizard 3.0.1 Beta

03 Sep 2019

This update improves standalone PDF processing and tunes up the user interface for better experience. We're slowly moving towards the public release of version 3, so your feedback is essential. Keep reading for details of this update and downloading instructions.

PDF Engine Improvements

There was a serious re–work of standalone PDF engine to better support layers in PDF files. This shouldn't affect a lot of users, but some of you will get rid of weird issues like seeing artwork that was initially hidden. The layers is a not–so–well documented feature of PDF format, so we had to spend a lot of time on it, but the result is well worth the efforts.

If your files are not working well anymore in the new version — please let us know.

User Interface Improvements

We sorted out all the user interface graphics, so all the buttons now look as they should. The application got a new icon and background artwork were also updated.

We also moved the presets button to the bottom right corner of the window and made it bigger, so you can easily spot it when needed. Presets window got a second column with some details about the presets displayed.

Other Improvements

Besides that we also fixed some minor problems reported for the previous version:

  • page frames in preview did not flip with the "flip backside" option;
  • page frames were sometimes out of sync with the pages;
  • license expiration dates made more obvious in the About window;
  • custom text objects got color selection option;
  • undo/redo behavior improved for registration marks;
  • empty names of registration marks fixed;
  • registration marks can now be renamed;
  • registration marks user interface made more stable and predictable.

So far we fixed almost all the issues you reported, please feel free to report more. This way we can make sure the software is stable enough for a public release.

Download Imposition Wizard 3

You can download Imposition Wizard 3 here:

Please provide your feedback in our public forum or contact us directly.