Reduce Your Printing Costs

How It Works?

You load a document into Coverage before printing. Coverage analyzes the document and provides a detailed ink usage statistics for every page of the document.

You see the total cost of printing and check if everything is OK there. If it is not, you check the document page by page to find the most expensive ones. You then modify these pages or charge an extra fee to make sure you are in profit.

You save the document details to the database for further analyzis and print the document for the customer.

All done, you've just saved a few dollars that will make thousands by the end of the year!

Coverage Features

Detailed Ink Usage Statistics

Printing Costs Calculation

Customizable Printing Profiles

Printing Jobs Database

Document Ink Usage Summary

Detailed Ink Cost Report

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

Why Coverage?

To Analyze Ink Usage

Coverage processes printed documents and computes printing costs. By tuning printer profiles you know exactly how much is to print a document on your printer.

To Keep Records

Coverage keeps the database of printed documents, so you know for sure how much you spend on ink and paper. You can get the numbers for any period of time you need.

To Reduce Costs

Coverage shows the cost of printing before you print, so you can take extra measures to reduce the costs. Coverage pays for itself in days!