Imposition Wizard

PDF Imposition software with Adobe Acrobat integration, simple user interface, realtime preview, batch and hot folders processing, and command-line support.

Imposition Wizard Screenshot

Why Imposition Wizard?

Imposition Wizard is created with simplicity in mind and features a dead simple user interface which lets you focus on your main task.

Realtime preview allows you to see the document exactly as it will be printed. Backed by the powerful PDF file processing engine, Imposition Wizard guarantees 100% perfect results.

Imposition Wizard works both on Mac and Windows and provides the same user interface on both platforms. It can use your Adobe Acrobat for PDF processing or work in standalone mode and process PDF documents by itself.

Imposition Wizard combines easy user interface with powerful PDF imposition capabilities. See the list of supported features for more reasons to give it a try.

Key Imposition Wizard Features

Powerful Imposition Tools

Imposition Wizard supports many imposition types

Imposition Wizard features all the standard impositions: n-up, step and repeat, cut stack, dutch cut and booklets.

You can use Imposition Wizard as imposition plugin for Adobe Acrobat or in standalone mode.

Amazing User Interface

Imposition Wizard user interface is plain and simple

One of the killer features of Imposition Wizard is its modern and lightweight user interface.

It is the same on Mac and Windows, and when Imposition Wizard runs as Acrobat plugin or as a standalone application.

Handy Imposition Presets

Imposition Wizard supports saving layouts as presets

Imposition Wizard has presets manager that stores all your layouts for re-using in the future.

Setup imposition layout once, save it, then use it again and again to speed up the process, even from command line.

Imposition Wizard is the perfect software for professional printers

More Imposition Wizard Features

  • Realtime WYSIWYG preview
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Customizable complex gaps
  • N-Up imposition
  • Cut stack imposition
  • Step and repeat imposition
  • Booklet imposition
  • Dutch Cut imposition
  • Creep support for booklets
  • Measurement units support
  • Page scaling
  • Trim lines
  • Hot folders
  • Powerful PDF engine
  • Adobe Acrobat integration
  • Custom flipping rules
  • Spot colors
  • Crop marks
  • Registration marks
  • Color bars
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom texts
  • Document bleeds
  • Duplex printing
  • Angle marks
  • Batch processing

Ready to Try?

We provide a fully functional demo version that you can download right now by clicking the Download button at the top right corner of the page. Download the demo to decide for yourself if Imposition Wizard fits your workflow. The demo-version is fully functional, it just adds watermarks on top of imposed pages.

A license key is needed to remove the watermarks, you can order it here. We provide both permanent licenses and subscriptions for your convenience. You license comes with one year of free support and updates for the peace of mind.

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