Permanent License Renewal Policy

Your permanent Imposition Wizard license is permanent and includes one year of free product updates from the date of purchase, including major updates.

You may use the version you purchased as long as you need without any additional fees. If we release an update within a year of your purchase, you get that update for free. Once the year is over, you may either keep using the version you have or renew your license to continue receiving updates during the next year.

You can renew your license within a year of the expiration date.

Subscription License Renewal Policy

Your subscription Imposition Wizard license is valid within a year from the date of purchase. All the product updates are free during this period, including the major ones.

Once the year is over, your license will not be valid anymore and you will need to purchase another license for the next year.

You can’t renew your subscription license to a permanent one, the only way to do so is to purchase a new permanent license.