Batch Imposition

You can apply the same imposition layout to multiple PDF files in Imposition Wizard.

This option is only available in Standalone version of Imposition Wizard, so make sure you use it instead of the Acrobat version for batch processing.

Starting Batch Mode

Make sure you run Imposition Wizard in standalone mode (from the Start menu on Windows or from the Applications folder on Mac), then click the File menu and select Batch processing… there. If you don’t see the item there, make sure you use the latest version of Imposition Wizard and that you are not running it from Acrobat. If you see the item disabled, select File → Close PDF first to get to the start screen of Imposition Wizard.

Once done you should see the Batch Imposition interface:

Batch imposition interface

From top to bottom you see these properties:

All the parameters are pretty obvious except for the Output name template. The template looks like “prefix{name}suffix”. There must be the “{name}” text somewhere in the template — it is replaced with the source file name. You can put some text before that “{name}” text or after it to make prefix or suffix if needed. The default template is “{name}_Imposed” which adds an “_Imposed” suffix to source file names when saving the imposition results. The same template is used if you leave this parameter empty.

Once the preset, output folder and output name template are configured, you can drag and drop PDF files to the source list. Put as many as you need there and click Start Processing to begin the batch imposition.

Running Batch Imposition

Imposition Wizard will process your files one by one and you will be able to review each imposed file:

Batch imposition results

The top part of the window contains the list of imposition tasks: one per the source file. You can see the imposition status there, the source and the output file names. The bottom part shows the detailed log for the file selected in the list.

It is OK to ignore the logs if there is no errors reported, but if you get a “problem” task it is worth checking the log for details:

Batch imposition results with errors

Here all the tasks are marked with error signs and if you click them, the log at the bottom should display a “WARNING” section where you can find some information about the problem.

In this case the preflight detected that the content does not fit on the sheet, so you definitely need to check that file with that preset to make sure you do the right thing.

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