Pages Grid in Imposition Wizard

Imposition Wizard imposes pages in two steps. At the first step it places a grid of a fixed size onto the sheet, then it fills the grid with pages, depending on the imposition layout. This way you can control the number of imposed pages and their position on the sheet.

Configuring the Grid Size

Let’s have a look at a simple 4–Up layout:

Pages grid in Imposition Wizard

You see the grid is configured at the bottom of the right panel. It has 2 rows and 2 columns. We can make it 6–Up by adding an extra row:

Pages grid in Imposition Wizard

All the imposition layouts let you control the grid, except for the Booklet one. The booklet layout controls the grid itself for your convenience. For the rest of layouts you control the grid yourself.

Page Gaps

You can configure the distance between rows and columns of the grid by defining page gaps at the right panel. Entering a single value sets a regular vertical or horizontal gap between columns or rows. You can read more about complex gaps here.

Positioning the Grid

You see the grid is centered on the sheet. You can change this at the Sheet tab at the right. There is a Content placement section there that controls the grid position:

Pages grid position in Imposition Wizard

The parameters you can adjust are:

Let’s set the content placement parameter to “Manual” and see what happens:

Manual pages grid position in Imposition Wizard

The grid goes to the top left corner of the sheet. It is there for both even and odd sheets, as the duplex printing is inactive. We can now move the grid towards the center of sheet by editing offsets:

Manual pages grid position in Imposition Wizard

Here we set the offsets to 2cm and 1cm and the grid moved from the top left corner to that distance.

Duplex Printing Support

Let’s now enable duplex printing and see what happens to the grid in the top left corner:

Manual pages grid position and duplex printing in Imposition Wizard

You may notice two things happened:

  1. The grid on even (back) sheets moved to the top right corner, so the back size matches the front one;
  2. The page numbers were changed and even (back) pages are now right behind the odd (front) ones.

Imposition Wizard automatically updates the page flow if the duplex mode is enabled, so every second page goes right on the back of the previous one.

You can read more about duplex printing here.

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