User Interface

There are two ways you can run Imposition Wizard: as a standalone application or as Adobe Acrobat plugin. In both cases you end up with the same user interface, but the initial steps are different. We’ll start from that and then move on to the user interface itself.

Standalone Mode

This is the simplest way to run the application. On Mac you simply click its icon in the Applications folder, on Windows you run it using the Start menu. You will see the welcome screen:

Imposition Wizard welcome screen

Now you need to drag and drop a PDF file into the Imposition Wizard window, or use File → Open PDF… menu item to load a PDF file manually. Once done you can skip to the Main Window section below.

Acrobat Plugin Mode

In this mode Imposition Wizard is started from Adobe Acrobat. Run Acrobat and load a PDF file there. Then click Imposition v3 menu item and select Impose…. You will see Imposition Wizard starting up and loading the document you have in Acrobat, then finally the main window of the software appears.

Main Window

The main window of Imposition Wizard is shown below:

Imposition Wizard with loaded PDF document

The user interface is the same for both standalone and plugin modes, the only difference is when you generate the output PDF file the standalone version will ask for a PDF file name, while the plugin version will make a new document in Acrobat.

The main part of the window is the preview area — that’s where you see the output document with the layout you configured. There is a toolbar at the top and parameters panels at the right.


The toolbar has 3 blocks of controls:

Imposition Wizard toolbar explained

From left to right:

Right Panel

The panel at the right has 4 tabs where you configure the imposition layout. It also has the Presets button at the bottom that lets you save and load such layouts:

Imposition Wizard right panel explained

From left to right the tabs are:

See other tutorials for more information about each tab.

The Presets button at the bottom shows the list of presets that is explained here.

Using Imposition Wizard

Once the document is loaded, you usually go through all the tabs from left to right and configure the parameters according to your needs. Or simply load the preset that has everything set up already.

When the layout looks as expected, you click Generate PDF and get the output document as it is displayed in the preview.

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