Using Imposition Wizard from Command Line

Imposition Wizard can process files without showing up the user interface. This is convenient for batch processing of multiple files or for hot-folder imposition. All you need is some terminal/batch experience and this tutorial.

Supported Imposition Features

Imposition Wizard does not support all the imposition options via command line, instead it relies on imposition presets you saved first.

Basically, it can impose a given PDF document using a given imposition preset and save results to the output PDF document. This way you can configure everything with familiar user interface and simply re-use the settings from command line.

Command Line Options

On Windows you can impose a PDF file with a given preset this way:

ImpositionWizard.exe --impose --project="My Preset Name" source.pdf destination.pdf

On Mac it is pretty much the same:

ImpositionWizard --impose --project="My Preset Name" source.pdf destination.pdf

Note that you need to run exactly the Imposition Wizard executable. This means on Windows you may want to run it this way:

"C:\Program Files\Appsforlife\Imposition Wizard\ImpositionWizard.exe"

and on Mac it will look like this:


You can omit the –project= option and Imposition Wizard will use the most recent imposition layout you set.

Also make sure you provided the full paths to both source and destination PDF files, as otherwise Imposition Wizard will not be able to find them.

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