Booklet Imposition Layout

Booklet layout is used to arrange pages for printing booklets and books. The layout is designed for saddle–stitched jobs. Both Standalone and Acrobat versions of Imposition Wizard support booklets. It can be selected in the Layout drop–down list at the Layout tab of the right panel, choose “Booklet”:

Booklet layout in Imposition Wizard

Basic Booklet Properties

General booklet settings are:

Booklet options in Imposition Wizard

Printing Sequences and Perfect Binding

By default the whole source document is imposed as a single printing signature. For bigger documents you might need to print booklet as a series of signatures, stitch each of them separately and then hard-cover them altogether. This is called “Perfect binding” and can be enabled using Signatures option:

Perfect-bound booklets in Imposition Wizard

You need to define output signature size in sheets, i.e. how many printed sheets will be bent, cut and stitched together. Then comes Add extra pages option that extends the last signature with empty pages, so it matches the size of the others.

Perfect bound booklets also have Collating Marks option:

Booklet collating marks in Imposition Wizard

Collating marks make it easier to stack printed and stitched signatures before gluing them up with the cover. For properly aligned book, these marks make up a diagonal line letting you visually control the signatures order.

You can define size and color of the marks using the corresponding options.

Manual Folding

By default all the sheets in the output signature are intended to be bent and cut together. While it’s handy for smaller signatures, the more sheets are placed per stitch the more challenging the bending is. The Manual folding option helps defining how many output sheets are bent at once:

Booklet folding options in Imposition Wizard

Bent and cut sheets must be put one inside another in the order they were printed in order to assemble a valid booklet signature.


Creep is a must-have option for thick signatures, it defines pages shift to/from the stitch in order to compensate the paper thickness:

Creep options for booklets in Imposition Wizard

It basically has only two parameters: shift for the inside (inner–most) and the outside (outer–most, those facing the cover) pages. Imposition Wizard interpolates these values depending on the position of the sheet in signature and shifts the pages accordingly.

Extra Options

You can print multiple copies of the same booklet using the Step and Repeat option, just define the size of the “grid” you need:

Multiple booklet copies in Imposition Wizard

Imposition Wizard comes with Adobe Acrobat plugin, so you can make booklets directly from Acrobat, if needed. Read more about installing imposition plugin for Acrobat.

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