Cut Stack Imposition Layout

Cut stack layout is very flexible and can even simulate N–Up layout if necessary. This is because of the Pages flow parameter described below.

You can enable cut stack layout both in Standalone and Acrobat versions of Imposition Wizard by selecting “Cut Stack” in the Layout drop–down list at the Layout tab of the right panel:

Cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

You see the first page is placed on the first sheet, the second page - on the second, the third on the third and so on, so the pages go “down” the stack of sheets. Then the next column starts at right etc.

Pages Flow Parameter

The way the pages are placed to the stack of sheets is configured by the Pages flow drop-down list:

Pages flow parameter of the cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

The drop-down list lets you choose between the different combinations of Deep, Down and Right options and the default one is Deep, Right, Down. How do they work?

Simple. “Deep” means go down the stack of sheets, so basically go to the next sheet. “Down” means go to the next row on the same sheet and “Right” means go to the next column on the same sheet. The combination of three defines how Imposition Wizard places the pages across the stack of sheets.

The default “Deep, Right, Down” means that the next page is placed to the next sheet, right below the current one. Once the sheets are over (we reached the end of stack at the bottom), Imposition Wizard looks at the second rule. The second rule is “Right”, so it takes the next column of the grid and starts placing pages again down to the end of the stack. Once there is no more columns to go to the right, Imposition Wizard reads the third rule. The third one is “Down” and it means to go to the next row and start over again.

Imposition Wizard computes the minimal number of sheets required to place all the pages with the selected set of rules. If there’s less pages than required, Imposition Wizard leaves that space empty.

Let’s try a different flow: “Down, Right, Deep”:

A different pages flow mode in cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

You see that pages fill the first sheet column by column, then go to the next sheet and so on. It’s like rows–first N–Up. Let’s make a classic N–Up then. Select “Right, Down, Deep” pages flow mode:

Making N-Up with cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

Done! There are other pages flow options you may use to configure the cut stack imposition the way you need.

Configuring Pages Grid

At the top of the right panel you can configure the gaps between pages:

Editing the grid size of cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

You can enter multiple numbers separated by spaces to configure complex and flexible gaps. Read more about the gaps here.

At the bottom you can configure the grid itself:

Editing page gaps for cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

Change the number of rows and columns to adjust the number of pages on the sheet. You can read more about pages grid here.

Duplex Printing Support

You might notice that pages run continuously on both even and odd sheets and this order is not perfect for duplex printing. To fix that you need to check the Enable duplex printing option at the Sheet tab of the right panel:

Duplex printing of cut stack layout in Imposition Wizard

This way the second page goes under the first one and so on. The document is now ready for duplex printing.

You can read more about duplex printing here.

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