N–Up Imposition Layout

N–Up layout is probably the simplest one, pages go on the sheet from left to right and from top to bottom:

N–Up layout in Imposition Wizard

You can enable N–Up layout both in Standalone and Acrobat versions of Imposition Wizard using the Layout drop–down list at the Layout tab:

Enabling N–Up layout in Imposition Wizard

The pages are arranged into the grid that you control using the Layout panel at the right.

Configuring Pages Grid

At the top of the right panel you can configure the gaps between pages:

Editing page gaps for N–Up layout in Imposition Wizard

You can enter multiple numbers separated by spaces to configure complex and flexible gaps. Read more about the gaps here.

At the bottom you can configure the grid itself. Here we reduced the number of columns to 1:

Editing the grid size of N–Up layout in Imposition Wizard

You may see that Imposition Wizard updated preview to show 2–Up imposition instead of 4–Up. Read more about the pages grid here.

Duplex Printing Support

You might notice that pages run continuously on both even and odd sheets and this order is not perfect for duplex printing. In order to fix that you need to check the Enable duplex printing option at the Sheet tab of the right panel:

Duplex printing of N–Up layout in Imposition Wizard

This way every second page goes right at the back of the previous one and so on. The document is now ready for duplex printing.

You can read more about duplex printing here.

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