Step and Repeat Imposition Layout

This layout repeats the same page across the sheet and is widely used for business cards printing. Both Standalone and Acrobat versions of Imposition Wizard support step and repeat imposition. You can enable it by selecting “Step and Repeat” in the Layout drop–down list at the Layout tab of the right panel:

Step and Repeat layout in Imposition Wizard

You see the first page is placed across the first sheet, the second page — across the second and so on. That’s exactly how you would layout business cards for printing.

Configuring Pages Grid

At the bottom of the right panel you can configure the grid itself. Here we reduced the number of rows to 3:

Editing the grid size of step and repeat layout in Imposition Wizard

You may see that Imposition Wizard updated preview to show 3 rows instead of 5. Read more about the pages grid here.

At the top of the right panel you can configure the gaps between pages:

Editing page gaps for step and repeat layout in Imposition Wizard

Here we increased the vertical gap to spread the pages more even across the sheet. You can enter multiple numbers separated by spaces to configure complex and flexible gaps. Read more about the gaps here.

Imposition Wizard lets you easily do business cards imposition and printing directly in Acrobat by using the Acrobat plugin version of the software.

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