Imposition Wizard Installation

Imposition Wizard works as a standalone application and as Adobe Acrobat plugin. Both modes are provided by the same bundle that you can download using the Download button at the top right corner of the page.

Installing the Software

Make sure you quit both Adobe Acrobat and Imposition Wizard before you install, update or uninstall the software. Leaving the software running while installing or uninstalling it may fail the process.

Installing on Mac OS

Once the DMG file is downloaded, click it to open in Finder, then drag the Imposition Wizard icon into your Applications folder and run Imposition Wizard from there.

Installing on Windows

Once the installer is downloaded, double–click it to start the installation. The process is straightforward and once it is done, run Imposition Wizard from the Start menu.

Installing Imposition Wizard for Acrobat

Make sure you quit Acrobat before installing or uninstalling the plugin. Then run Imposition Wizard and click the button at the bottom of the startup window:

Installing Imposition Wizard plugin for Adobe Acrobat

You will see the list of Adobe Acrobat applications where you can select the ones you want to install the plugin to. Do this by clicking check–boxes at the right, then click Update Installation to continue.

Selecting Acrobat copies to installing the Imposition Wizard plugin to

In order to install the plugin, Imposition Wizard needs extra privileges to modify your Acrobat installation. At this step you will need to grant Imposition Wizard access to your computer. You may be asked for your password by the system, please provide that.

Imposition Wizard requests access to your computer

Once done, you will see the confirmation that the plugin has been installed:

Imposition Wizard Acrobat plugin has been installed

Now you can quit Imposition Wizard and run it from Adobe Acrobat.

Updating Imposition Wizard

To update Imposition Wizard, simply download the latest version using the Download button at the top right corner of the page, then quit both Imposition Wizard and Adobe Acrobat and follow the installation steps above.

Uninstalling Imposition Wizard

You uninstall Imposition Wizard as any other software in your system. The only extra step may be required if you installed Imposition Wizard as an Acrobat plugin.

Uninstalling the Plugin

Before uninstalling the plugin, make sure you quit Adobe Acrobat first.

Run Imposition Wizard and follow the steps above for the plugin installation, but this time uncheck all the Acrobats in the list. Then run through the process, so Imposition Wizard can remove its plugins from your Acrobat copies. Make sure you provided the system access when asked. Once done, it is safe to remove Imposition Wizard itself.

Uninstalling the Software

To uninstall Imposition Wizard, make sure it is not running. Also quit Adobe Acrobat, if it is running.

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