Crop Marks

Imposition Wizard lets you add crop marks to imposed pages and configure they look to match your needs. To add crop marks click the "+" button at the top of the “Marks” panel and select the “Crop Marks” option in the popup menu:

Adding crop marks in Imposition Wizard

The crop marks are now added around the pages and their parameters are displayed in the right panel:

Inverted Marks

Inverted crop marks go inside the pages, here is an example of the inverted marks:

Inverted crop marks in Imposition Wizard

Note that the marks are now within the bounds of the pages, not outside of them.

Marks and Gaps

Imposition Wizard only displays crop marks if it have enough space for them. If there is no space for a mark (say another page is too close), the mark is not displayed:

Crop marks are hidden if there is no enough space for them

The layout above has not enough space to fit the crop marks between the pages, so they are not displayed there. Consider making the marks shorter or reducing the margin in order to have them there.

If you need the marks in the middle of the gaps, consider using gap crop marks instead.

Marks and Missing Pages

If the document has not enough pages to fill the pages grid and some cells are left unused, the marks are not added there:

No crop marks added if the page in the grid is missing

The same applies to duplex printing if the source document has only one page. The backside is then left empty without pages added, so the crop marks are not added there, too.

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