Custom Texts

Imposition Wizard lets you add text elements next to imposed pages with the information you need, including the automatically generated imposition parameters. This includes date, time, file names, page numbers and dimensions and so on.

To add a custom text click the "+" button at the top of the “Marks” panel and select the “Custom Text” option in the popup menu:

Adding text element in Imposition Wizard

The text element is added on the left side of the sheet by default and its parameters are displayed in the right panel:

Dynamic Text Parameters

Imposition Wizard supports adding special “variables” to text that get replaced with actual imposition data, such as the date and time of imposition, name of the source file, number of pages on the sheet and so on. A variable looks like a word in curly brackets and they can be added by clicking the {…} button next to the text field:

A popup menu with the list of supported variables for text block

The popup menu shows the list of variables supported by Imposition Wizard. The default custom text is “File {filename}, imposed on {date} {time}” which contains three variables: for imposed file name, current date and time. As you see on the image above, the variables get replaced with actual data in preview and when the file is imposed.

You can combine your own texts and variables to get the text block you need.


Imposition Wizard lets you use any font installed in the system for custom text elements. The text are converted to outlines when the file is imposed, so no font dependencies are added and no fonts are embedded to the output file.


You can encode the same data for machine processing using the barcode marks.

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