Star Target Marks

Imposition Wizard lets you add star target marks to imposed pages. You can specify your own artwork for them or use the built–in one.

To add a star target mark click the "+" button at the top of the “Marks” panel and select the “Star Target” option in the popup menu:

Adding star target marks in Imposition Wizard

The parameters of the star target marks are displayed on the right:

Relative to Content

This option lets you choose between placing the star target marks around the pages block:

Placing star target marks around the pages block

or next to the edges of the sheet:

Placing star target marks next to the sheet edges

The Distance parameter works the opposite way depending on the selected mode, effectively pushing the marks away of the element they are attached to.

Star Target Images

Imposition Wizard comes with a single sample star target image pre–installed, you can add your own images if needed.

Click the Open star targets folder link at the bottom of the right panel to open the folder with the images:

Opening star targets folder

You can also click File → Useful Folders → Star Targets item in the main menu of Imposition Wizard. A Finder or Explorer window will pop up with the star targets folder. Copy your PDF files there and restart Imposition Wizard. Then you will be able to select your images from the drop–down list of the Images parameter.

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