Duplex Printing in Imposition Wizard

Imposition Wizard can work both in single–sided and duplex printing modes. In duplex mode it automatically adjusts pages grids and layout, so the backs match fronts.

Single-Sided Mode

Let’s start with a simple 2x3 6–Up imposition, manually set to the top left corner of the sheet:

Single-sided printing in Imposition Wizard

In this mode Imposition Wizard processes every second sheet as yet another sheet, not the backside of the previous one. So you see that on all the sheets the pages are located at the top left corner and the page numbers run straight from sheet to sheet.

This is absolutely fine if you want to print just one side of each sheet.

Duplex Mode

Now turn the duplex mode on, leaving all the other settings as is:

Duplex printing in Imposition Wizard

Once the duplex mode is enabled, Imposition Wizard does two extra things:

  1. It makes every second sheet the backside of the previous one, so it places the grid to the opposite side of the sheet, to the right;
  2. It updates the pages flow, so every second page is now placed exactly at the back of the previous one, grouping them together.

This way Imposition Wizard makes sure that if the document is printed in duplex mode, its odd/even pages will be at the same place on the sheet and after cutting them you’ll get fronts and backs perfectly matched.

Duplex Mode Extras

There are some extra options available in duplex mode that affect the backside of sheets. The first option is Flip backside that does exactly that:

Backside flipping in duplex printing in Imposition Wizard

The second option lets you shift the backside horizontally and vertically to a given amount:

Backside offset in duplex printing in Imposition Wizard

This is used to compensate possible printer errors, so front and back printed on the same sheet match better.

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