Page Gaps in Imposition Wizard

Imposition Wizard arranges pages on the sheet into the grid and the grid may have gaps between rows and columns. You can use the gaps to move the pages closer or further of each other, depending on your needs.

Simple Page Gaps

Let’s start with a simple 8–Up layout like this:

Pages gap in Imposition Wizard

The grid is 2x4 and both horizontal and vertical gaps are 0.5 centimeters. Let’s set the vertical gap to 2 centimeters:

Pages gap in Imposition Wizard

The distance between rows has been increased and all the rows are now further from each other. That’s how gaps work.

Complex Page Gaps

There is a more interesting feature of gaps that let you specify different gaps for different rows. Let’s enter “2 0” into the vertical gaps field:

Different vertical pages gaps in Imposition Wizard

You may see that the distance between the first and second rows is still 2cm, while the second and third rows have no vertical gap at all. Then the distance between the third and fourth rows is again 2cm.

This way you can define multiple gaps. For each next row Imposition Wizard look for the next number in the vertical gaps list. While the numbers are there, it takes and uses them one by one. Once the list is other, Imposition Wizard starts again from the beginning of the list.

For the simple case, when the vertical gaps list was just “2” Imposition Wizard reads this number for each row, so all the rows were evenly distributed with 2cm distance.

Then we changed it to “2 0” and for the first pair of rows, Imposition Wizard used 2cm, then for the next pair it was 0cm. Finally, for the third pair the list was over, so it started again and got 2cm.

Here we put “0 2 4” to vertical gaps list:

Different vertical pages gaps in Imposition Wizard

As expected, the distances between each pair of rows is 0cm, 2cm and 4cm.

Multiple gaps are useful for manual making of booklets using shuffle imposition layout. This way you can group pages together, leaving the gaps only where they are needed.

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