Registration Marks

The right most panel in Imposition Wizard lets you add registration marks and custom texts to the output document:

Registration marks panel in Imposition Wizard

The top part is the list of currently added marks, the bottom part contains the parameters of the selected list item.

You can temporary hide marks by removing the checks in the list. You can add more marks by using the plus button.

Mark Types

Imposition Wizard support multiple types of marks: angle mark, bull eye, color bar, crop marks, custom text, start target, and trim line. Each mark has its own settings which are quite intuitive.

Some of the marks: bull eye, star target, and color bars are based on PDF files from special folders and you can add your own images to the list. To do so, click File → Useful Folders in the menu and select the folder you need. Then put a new PDF file there and restart Imposition Wizard.

Custom Texts

You can use template variables in custom texts that are automatically replaced with real–time data when the PDF is generated. For instance if you set the text to be “There are {total} sheets” and the number of output sheets is 2, you will end up with “There are 2 sheets” text in the output. See the custom text panel for the full list of the template variables.

Another important note is that Imposition Wizard outlines custom texts when the PDF is generated. This means no extra fonts is added to the output document, and that Unicode is fully supported by the text elements.

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