Sheet Panel

Sheet panel is the third panel at the right in Imposition Wizard and it lets you specify the output sheet size, pages block position, and duplex printing parameters:

Sheet panel in Imposition Wizard

At the top of the panel goes sheet size selector. There you can select a preset or manually specify the width and height of the output sheet. There is also a button for swapping width and height of the sheet.

Then goes the content placement block and finally — the block of duplex printing parameters.

Content Placement

There are three types of content placement in Imposition Wizard:

For the first two modes Imposition Wizard provides horizontal and vertical offset parameters, so you can move the block from the initial position. For the last one Imposition Wizard provides Padding parameter that lets you add some space around the block of pages.

Output Parameters

This section is mostly about the duplex printing support and described here in more details.

The only parameter that is not covered there is the Sheets order at the bottom of the panel that is self–explaining, as it defines the order of sheets in the output document. You can switch between normal and reversed orders, or put the fronts first.

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