Source Panel

The very first panel at the right is the Source panel that displays information about the source PDF document and lets you modify some its parameters:

Source panel in Imposition Wizard

The screenshot above shows a source document of a single green page loaded to Imposition Wizard. The Source panel shows that it has just one page and its dimensions. The trim and crop sizes are different, so the document has trim box defined and Imposition Wizard uses that information to display the page properly.

Configuring Source Document

Sometimes it is needed to change source document parameters. For instance it may have bleeds, but no trim box defined, or maybe you need to scale the page up or down. Imposition Wizard can do that.

Overriding Trim Box

Let’s check the Override trim box offsets control, so Imposition Wizard sets a custom trim box to the document:

Custom trim box in Imposition Wizard

You see the page became bigger and the green part has moved to the left. That’s because the trim box of the document is now the same as its crop box and as the document has large and asymmetric bleeds, the preview looks this way. We can now manually adjust the trim box offsets to fix the “problem” we’ve just created:

Overriding trim box in Imposition Wizard

Here we adjusted the right side of the trim box, moving it 6.5cm inside the crop box to match the green rectangle. You can do the same to the other sides to fix the incorrect trim box, but in our case we simply turn the overriding off, as the source document already has a proper trim box.

Overriding Bleeds

Imposition Wizard reads trim and crop boxes of the source documents and considers everything in between as bleeds. Sometimes it is not acceptable (mostly because of the wasted ink) and there is a way to override that. See our green PDF again:

Default bleeds in Imposition Wizard

The black crop marks are the part of the source document and run out of its trim box, because of the default bleeds that are the same as the crop box.

Let’s reduce the bleeds by overriding them:

New bleeds in Imposition Wizard

Here we checked the Override bleeds box and entered the new bleeds value of 0.2cm. You see the crop marks of the original document are now small, as the new bleeds are just 2mm.

Scaling Pages

Here we did a 4-up step and repeat layout of our green source document:

Step and repeat layout in Imposition Wizard

The pages have 100% scale — i.e. displayed as they are. Let’s make them twice smaller. In order to do that, we need to enable page scaling and first reset the page size, so Imposition Wizard updates the page size fields with the real page dimensions:

Resetting page size in Imposition Wizard

Preview didn’t change, but the page size is now controlled manually using the two fields in the Source panel. We can now set them to 50% of their initial values:

Resizing pages in Imposition Wizard

The pages are now twice smaller, compared to the original size. This way you can scale page up or down, both symmetrically and asymmetrically.

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