Ticket Wizard 1.0

12 Dec 2021

This is a very first beta version of our new product — Ticket Wizard. It helps you batch–filling PDF templates with spreadsheet data using dynamic text and barcode elements.

Imposition Wizard 3.2.1

28 Oct 2021

After a few months of beta–testing we’ve released the first public version of Imposition Wizard 3.2 with Apple Silicon support, better preview and some other new features. Read on for more details.

Imposition Wizard 3.2 beta

04 Jun 2021

The update comes with ARM Mac support, improved imposition engine and better preview.

Imposition Wizard 3.1.5

02 Dec 2020

This update fixes Imposition Wizard Acrobat Plugin for better support of registration marks and color bars. Please update your copy of Imposition Wizard if you use it with Adobe Acrobat.

Imposition Wizard 3.1.4

05 Nov 2020

This is the first non–beta release of Imposition Wizard 3.1. If you haven’t tried the beta versions before, read on for more information about the new features.

Imposition Wizard 3.1.3 (beta)

27 Oct 2020

This is most likely the last beta release before we make version 3.1 public. It comes with some nice improvements and fixes, so read on for more details.

Imposition Wizard 3.1.2 (beta)

29 Aug 2020

This update adds a preflight checking feature to Imposition Wizard, improves the user interface and fixes the issues you reported.

Imposition Wizard 3.1.1 (beta)

03 Aug 2020

This update adds support for the latest Adobe Acrobat 2020 on Windows platform.

Imposition Wizard 3.1 (beta)

13 Jul 2020

This update comes with multiple new features that we had no time to put into version 3.0. Some of them are long–awaited, some have been requested just recently. We also fixed a number of issues you reported. More details (and screenshots) are inside.

Imposition Wizard 3.0.8

29 Feb 2020

One more update based on your reports. It appears that the Acrobat plugin of Imposition Wizard was not ready to “very empty” PDF pages that don’t even have the “content” block, not just the content itself. Standalone version worked just fine, but the Acrobat version crashed. This is now fixed, so please update your copies.