Imposition Wizard 3.0.4 Release Candidate

15 Dec 2019

With just a few minor issues fixed, this release is going to be the first non-beta version of Imposition Wizard 3. Fingers crossed, it will end up on the main page within a couple of days.

Imposition Wizard 3.0.3 Beta

08 Dec 2019

This update fixes problems with presets and registration marks found in the previous version. Thanks for the heads up, appreciated.

Imposition Wizard 3.0.2 Beta

06 Dec 2019

This update is mostly about fixing the problems you reported for the previous version. We’re getting closer to the public release of IW 3, so give the new version a good try and let us know if something is still not right.

Imposition Wizard 3.0.1 Beta

03 Sep 2019

This update improves standalone PDF processing and tunes up the user interface for better experience. We’re slowly moving towards the public release of version 3, so your feedback is essential. Keep reading for details of this update and downloading instructions.

Imposition Wizard 3.0 Beta

07 Jul 2019

This is a very first preview of the upcoming Imposition Wizard 3. The software is still in beta, but you can install it next to the current version and try it without affecting your workflow. Read on for more details.

Imposition Wizard 2.13.3

30 Dec 2018

This update fixes a minor issue in 16-up booklets, improves collate marks in duplicated booklets and finally adds a missed output sheet in some layouts.

Imposition Wizard 2.13.2

07 Dec 2018

This release improves command line processing and provides better error handling in case of incorrect arguments. It also features better PDF reading in standalone mode and proper prefix and suffix management when saving imposed files.

Imposition Wizard 2.13.1

21 Sep 2018

This update fixes negative page shift support in booklets. It’s been accidentally removed in 2.13, but now works just fine, as before. Please update your copies.

Imposition Wizard 2.13

19 Sep 2018

The main feature of this update is that it drops the old Standalone version of Imposition Wizard for Mac. There is only the new version in this installer. There is also a number of changes for Windows and some imposition improvements. Read on for more details.

Imposition Wizard 2.12

08 Apr 2018

Starting from this update Imposition Wizard Standalone uses different PDF engine on Mac by default. Read more for details and other improvements.