Imposition Wizard 2.13

19 Sep 2018

The main feature of this update is that it drops the old Standalone version of Imposition Wizard for Mac. There is only the new version in this installer. There is also a number of changes for Windows and some imposition improvements. Read on for more details.

Imposition Wizard 2.12

08 Apr 2018

Starting from this update Imposition Wizard Standalone uses different PDF engine on Mac by default. Read more for details and other improvements.

Imposition Wizard 2.11.1

06 Dec 2017

This update fixes a recently reported issue with PDF files having rotated pages and bleeds. The problem happens in Standalone mode only and only on Mac, but we recommend updating your copy anyway.

Imposition Wizard 2.11

21 Sep 2017

We are happy to announce the very first beta version of the new Imposition Wizard Standalone for both Mac and Windows platforms. We worked hard to make it as good and reliable as possible and now you can start using it in production. Please contact us in case of any issues, as with the 3rd version it will be the only option for Standalone mode on both platforms.

Imposition Wizard 2.10

27 Apr 2017

This is the first “combined” version of Imposition Wizard, where both Standalone and Acrobat versions of the software come as a single installer. It also features the very early preview of Standalone version for Windows and some new features. Keep reading for more details.

Imposition Wizard Standalone 2.6.3

04 Mar 2017

This update improves macOS Sierra compatibility, so if you run Sierra or plan to upgrade soon - consider installing the update.

Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.9

21 Nov 2016

This update adds some new features like customized page bleeds. Read on for more details and update instructions.

Coverage 1.1

04 Nov 2016

This update fixes some minor issues with specific documents and improves OS X support.

Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.8.1

18 May 2016

We received some reports regarding the last release, so here is the updated version that fixes all the issues.

Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.8

11 May 2016

This update fixes some old issues, including hanging at startup with spinners. It also adds better duplex printing support for N-Up and Shuffle layouts.