Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.8

11 May 2016

This update fixes some old issues, including hanging at startup with spinners. It also adds better duplex printing support for N-Up and Shuffle layouts.

Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.7

12 Feb 2016

This release makes Imposition Wizard user interface a little bit more friendly by providing an application menu, and also adds some nice new features like colored cropmarks. Read on for more details.

The Future Of The Standalone Edition

12 Feb 2016

We have big plans for this year and the plans will affect the users of the Standalone version of our product. Sounds scary? No worries, read on :)

Imposition Wizard Standalone 2.6.2

14 Oct 2015

This release updates the Standalone version of Imposition Wizard to fix “Cut Stack” layout when it is used with reversed or shuffled source documents. Acrobat version is not affected. Please update your applications.

Imposition Wizard 2.6.1

09 Jun 2015

We released updates to both Acrobat and Standalone versions of Imposition Wizard, fixing minor issues with cut stacks, installer and statistics. Please upgrade your copies to get the most of the applications.

Imposition Wizard 2.6

15 May 2015

This update adds Acrobat DC support to the Acrobat edition of Imposition Wizard, and also adds new features to both Standalone and Acrobat versions. Read on for more details.

Adobe Acrobat DC

09 Apr 2015

Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.5.1

20 Feb 2015

Imposition Wizard 2.5

12 Feb 2015

Version 2.5 of both Standalone and Acrobat editions of Imposition Wizard brings some nice new features that you will love to see.

Reduce Your Printing Costs With Coverage

16 Oct 2014

Today we release a completely new application - a printing costs calculator called Coverage. It shows how much you spend on ink and paper when printing documents and helps to reduce this amount.