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Imposition Wizard 2.6

15 May 2015

This update adds Acrobat DC support to the Acrobat edition of Imposition Wizard, and also adds new features to both Standalone and Acrobat versions. Read on for more details.

Acrobat DC

Adobe released the updated version of Acrobat a month ago, but the SDK was released a month later. That SDK was essential to make Imposition Wizard support the latest Acrobat, so we had to wait. Now, as Adobe has released everything we need, here is the updated Imposition Wizard for Acrobat that supports Acrobat DC.

Cut Stack improvements

Cut Stack layout has been improved in both apps. We have added a “Pages flow” parameter that allows you to configure the way pages run through the stack of sheets. By changing this option you can even make N-Up layout out of a Cut Stack one! That’s a very powerful option.

Output sheets order

Acrobat version got an option to reverse the sheets order, or group fronts and backs separately. This feature was in the Standalone edition for a while, now it is added to the Acrobat version, as well.

Other changes

Besides the features mentioned above, we’ve made some other improvements:

Lots of small improvements make a big one, don’t they?


Exactly, as the Standalone version, the Acrobat one may ask you to collect some statistics about the imposition jobs you do. Please allow the application to do so, as this really helps us to focus on the most used parts of the application. The data contain no traces of your documents, file names or other personal details, just the layout parameters you use.

This way we can see the most popular layouts, their options, paper sizes and so on, so we can improve the application the way you really need. You can always enable or disable this later in the settings menu of the Acrobat version, or in the Preferences window of the Standalone one.