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Imposition Wizard 3

23 Dec 2019

After almost 6 months of testing we are proud to announce Imposition Wizard 3. Some of you have already tried the beta versions, the rest are very welcome to read more about the new release.

New User Interface

Compared to version 2, Imposition Wizard 3 got one more panel at the right and the presets button is now at the bottom right corner under the panels.

New panel in Imposition Wizard 3

The new panel controls the input document, showing its parameters and allowing you to change page size and boxes. The Marks panel has also been improved and now lets you have as many marks, texts, or color bars as you need. On top of that, some marks got new options.

Marks panel in Imposition Wizard 3

Imposition preview has been improved for speed, so expect a whole new experience of smooth scrolling and progressive rendering.

PDF Processing Improvements

Standalone PDF engine has been significantly improved for speed and some impositions are now running for seconds instead of hours. We also improved complex PDF processing, especially layers and transparency, and other effects.

Acrobat integration has also been updated for speed and quality.

New Installer

Imposition Wizard is now installed as a standalone application that you can then connect to Acrobat, if needed. Do not be surprised to not seeing the Acrobat option in installer, it is now inside the main application.

Acrobat plugin installer in Imposition Wizard 3

Install Imposition Wizard 3, run it and click the Acrobat button in the main window. Then follow the prompt.

Backward Compatibility

First of all, Imposition Wizard 3 can be installed side by side with version 2 without affecting each other. You will get two Imposition Wizards in the system and two menu items in Acrobat. Use that for smooth transition between the apps.

Secondly, at the first run Imposition Wizard 3 will import all the version 2 presets, so you don’t start from scratch. Again, your version 2 presets will not be affected as Imposition Wizard 3 keeps its own copy.

System Requirements

On Windows, Imposition Wizard 3 needs a 64-bit system and at least Windows 7, or the latest Windows 10.

On Mac, it needs at least macOS 10.10 or any newer version, including macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Acrobat integration needs the latest Acrobat DC, so if you run Acrobat 9 or X, consider staying with Imposition Wizard 2 or upgrading your Acrobat.

Need More Details?

Have a look at the previous blog posts. We released a couple of beta versions of Imposition Wizard 3 and each post provides some information about the new features added.

You can also take part in beta testing if you like. Just tick the “Including beta versions” box in settings, so you get notified when we release a new beta version.

Happy Holidays!