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Imposition Wizard Standalone version 2.0

13 May 2014

This is a major update to the standalone version of Imposition Wizard. Lots of news, so please read on…

This is a major update

Since the very first days of Imposition Wizard we offered minor updates for free. This new release is a major update and it is not free unless you ordered your license in 2014. Imposition Wizard 2.0 is a paid update and your old license will not work with it.

As a customer you have these three options:

We pretty much understand that nobody likes to pay extra money, but this paid update means we’ll continue working on the product, adding new features and support you guys at the same level, as usual.

If you purchased a standalone license in 2014, please contact us to get this sorted.

Subscription model

Exactly as with the Acrobat version of Imposition Wizard we now offer a subscription-based license for the standalone version. Both applications are now offered at the same price, so you just need to choose the right one.

New features

Of course, the new version comes with some nice stuff. First of all, we did a serious update to the booklet layout. It now supports 8-up and 16-up schemes with better creeps processing. We kept the old version, as well, so no surprises here.

We have also improved cut stack and n-up layout when it comes to non-even number of pages. We added some new sheet sizes and fixed several minor issues you reported.


We’re going to release the same new features for the Acrobat-version soon, then we’ll focus on making standalone and Acrobat versions closer to each other from the features perspective.

Thank you

That’s all for now, go get the update here.