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Imposition Wizard 2.11

21 Sep 2017

We are happy to announce the very first beta version of the new Imposition Wizard Standalone for both Mac and Windows platforms. We worked hard to make it as good and reliable as possible and now you can start using it in production. Please contact us in case of any issues, as with the 3rd version it will be the only option for Standalone mode on both platforms.

What’s New?

The main new thing is the Standalone mode working fine on Windows. Both preview and imposition work well and ready for testing in production. The new Standalone for Mac has also been improved for speed and stability.

Both Acrobat and Standalone modes got various bugfixes, including the support of rotated pages, floating point issues, Unicode file names problems, incorrect input processing and some other problems that you reported.

Also the startup time and overall performance has been improved on Windows.

Your feedback is much appreciated, as usual. Please leave your comments below or contact us directly.