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Imposition Wizard 2.12

08 Apr 2018

Starting from this update Imposition Wizard Standalone uses different PDF engine on Mac by default. Read more for details and other improvements.

Changing PDF Engine

Since the very first version IW Standalone used built-in PDFKit engine on Mac. The engine is very fast and quite reliable, except for transparency, effects and registration colors in non-CMYK impositions. We got quite a lot of claims on that from the users, but unfortunately there was nothing we could really do in order to fix that with PDFKit.

When Imposition Wizard was ported to Windows, we used a different PDF engine that doesn’t have issues like that, so we believe it is now time to make a switch for our Mac users, as well.

Starting from this version Imposition Wizard does not use PDFKit by default. You shouldn’t notice any difference, but if you do - there is a switch in the View menu called Use Legacy PDF Engine that reverts everything back. We would also highly appreciate if you report us any issues like that, so we can fix them up.

Also note that this switch doesn’t affect the Acrobat version of Imposition Wizard as it still uses Adobe PDF engine for processing your documents.

Other Improvements

There are some other improvements and new features here or there, here is a short list of the main ones:

There is a couple of changes and improvements for command-line imposition mode, as well.