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Imposition Wizard 2.13

19 Sep 2018

The main feature of this update is that it drops the old Standalone version of Imposition Wizard for Mac. There is only the new version in this installer. There is also a number of changes for Windows and some imposition improvements. Read on for more details.

Mac Version News

According to our previous announcement, we’re merging both old and new versions of Imposition Wizard into a single one that features the Imposition Wizard for Acrobat user interface and works both on Mac and Windows platforms the same way.

This update is the first one that has only the new version of Imposition Wizard. The old one can still be downloaded here. When you drag it into the Applications folder of your Mac, it may replace the old IW Standalone, so make sure you have a copy if you still need it.

You might also want to delete “New Imposition Wizard” application if you tried the new version before, so you end up with just one copy of Imposition Wizard in your system.

Windows Version News

This update comes with a full-featured Standalone version of Imposition Wizard for Windows that can be safely used in production. The update will replace your old installation of Imposition Wizard, both Standalone and Acrobat editions.

This is also the first 64-bits version of Imposition Wizard for Windows. You can still download the 32-bits version, as well if necessary. Note that they can’t be installed together on the same system and replace each other when installed. We recommend to use the 64-bits version as it can access more memory of your computer which is good for imposing of large documents.

New Features

This update comes with better measurement units support. It keeps all the sizes and offsets in the units you use and there shouldn’t be rounding errors for sheet sizes, gaps and so on as long as you keep using the same units across the project.

Collating marks have been added to booklets. We try to keep the number of parameters minimal, so please contact us if you need them to be more flexible.

Statistics collection has been removed from Imposition Wizard. Thanks for your participation, much appreciated.

All the application settings are now in the Settings/Preferences window for your convenience, not in the main menu.

You can now configure prefix and suffix of imposed file in the settings window.


This update fixes problems with trim marks coming as white rectangles in some viewers, provides better processing of password-protected PDF files, features better installers for both platforms and better checking for updates and license renewals.