Press No Stress printing and imposition software


Imposition Wizard 3.0.2 Beta

06 Dec 2019

This update is mostly about fixing the problems you reported for the previous version. We’re getting closer to the public release of IW 3, so give the new version a good try and let us know if something is still not right.

Performance Improvements

The main thing about this update is faster processing of both preview and PDF generation. We’ve managed to reduce imposition time from hours to seconds on some heavy PDF files. Preview speed has also been improved, especially for booklets that should run much smoother now.

Besides that, we improved the preview generation algorithm so it loads CPU and GPU less.

Let us know if you feel the difference, or if something doesn’t work as expected. Your feedback is very welcome.

Booklet Improvements

Booklets got new “Move fillers to the middle” option. It helps if you need to print, say 12-pages booklet 8- or 16-up.

IW used to top up documents with empty pages at the end, so for 12-pages booklet you got 4 last pages of your booklet empty. With the new option, IW places the filler pages in the middle, so they end up at the top of the stack after cutting and folding. When the booklet is printed, all you need is to simply remove the empty top sheet!

Other Changes

On top of that, we have fixed some problems, discovered since the previous version. This includes registration marks visibility, better MacOS support and minor UI tweaks here or there.

Give the new version a try and let us know if it works better, or if you think that something needs to be done differently. We are going to make version 3 the main one really soon, so if something doesn’t work for you - let us know now.