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Imposition Wizard 3.0 Beta

07 Jul 2019

This is a very first preview of the upcoming Imposition Wizard 3. The software is still in beta, but you can install it next to the current version and try it without affecting your workflow. Read on for more details.

What’s New?

Well, almost everything. We reworked the user interface to make it more convenient, improved preview rendering and imposition speed, added some features, integrated Acrobat plugin installer into the application and much more, but most important we kept that simplicity of the user interface that you love Imposition Wizard for.

Version 3 provides more control on source document bleeds. There is a new Source panel that lets you specify both trim box and bleeds and also resize the page. This replaces the old parameters that we have at the Sheet tab in version 2. Compared to the old one, it is much more predictable and convenient.

We re-worked the Marks panel, you can now add as many marks as you need. Need more color bars or extra texts? Not a problem. We also removed Sheet information mark, as the new Custom Text one can do the same using template variables.

We changed how presets work. In version two Imposition Wizard worked with the preset you selected and saved it when you quit. In version 3 Imposition Wizard simply remembers the last settings used. Presets are still there, but they just store your layouts. You can save layouts as presets, you can load a preset when needed, but Imposition Wizard will simply remember its last state. It never rewrites your presets. Also, loading a preset or resetting a layout is now covered by undo/redo, so if you accidentally loaded a wrong preset - you can roll it back in one click.

Overall, we’ve made a good foundation for further improvements of Imposition Wizard and this update is just the first in line - many more features are coming. Meanwhile, we need your help with testing to make sure it works at least as good as the old one.

Backward Compatibility

Imposition Wizard 3 imports all your current presets at the first run, so all your layouts should work as in version 2. There are some exceptions because of the new trim/bleeds overriding scheme, but overall everything should be fine. In case of any incompatibility Imposition Wizard will let you know, so you can fix that manually.

Installing Next to the Old Version

Imposition Wizard 3 does not replace your current version, neither it touches your current presets. It is installed into a completely different folder on Windows, it has a different bundle name on Mac OS. The Acrobat plugin it installs is also different from the one in version 2.

This means you can safely install the new version next to the current one, give it a try and keep using the old version as before.

This is a Beta Version

Imposition Wizard 3 is still in a beta phase, so it may have issues. We encourage you to report anything you feel wrong about the new version. The more you report, the faster we’ll fix everything and release version 3 officially. You can report either to the public forum or directly to us using the links at the bottom of the post.

Some artwork (especially in the toolbar) is still missing - we’re working on that. Hope it will not be a big problem to understand the buttons :)

System Requirements

Starting with version 3 we drop support of old Adobe Acrobats. You need at least Acrobat 2015 or Acrobat DC to use Imposition Wizard 3 in Acrobat-plugin mode. If you still use the old Acrobat, keep using version 2 instead or use version 3 in Standalone mode.

Imposition Wizard 3 does not work on 32-bit Windows anymore. Consider switching to 64-bit Windows to use the software. As for Mac OS, at least version 10.10 is required. If your operating system doesn’t match, consider upgrading it or using the old version of Imposition Wizard.

Any Feedback?

Your feedback is essential to remove the “beta” tag from version 3, so please let us know what you think or if you have any issues with the new version.

That’s all for now, thanks for your time!