Press No Stress printing and imposition software


Imposition Wizard 3.1.2 (beta)

29 Aug 2020

This update adds a preflight checking feature to Imposition Wizard, improves the user interface and fixes the issues you reported.

Preflight Check

Starting from this update Imposition Wizard will test source documents and layouts for possible problems that may affect the results. You will notice a warning sign in the toolbar and will get a popup message when you start the imposition that may have issues. It is up to you to continue or to stop for reviewing the problems.

Please feel free to send your suggestions for what to check before the imposition started.

Other Fixes and Improvements

We fixed the issue with crop marks and the multiple copies of the layout. The crop marks do not affect the other copies anymore.

This version also has updated user interface for various dialogs and popups around the application. Do not be surprised :)

Have a nice day!