Press No Stress printing and imposition software


Imposition Wizard 3.1.3 (beta)

27 Oct 2020

This is most likely the last beta release before we make version 3.1 public. It comes with some nice improvements and fixes, so read on for more details.


Starting from the previous version of Imposition Wizard, it checks the layout for errors, such as problem PDF elements or preset–related issues. This update adds checking for pages running out of sheets and missing resources, like color bars or star targets. Preflight itself has been improved for better quality and stable processing.

Imposition Wizard also reports any issues it discovers while importing and converting presets from the older versions of the software.

Missing Resources

If a preset refers to a color bar (or bull eye, or star target) which is missed in the color bars folder, you will get a preflight error and a dummy element will be rendered in preview.

This way you have a chance to fix the problem before the incorrect output is printed.

Other Fixes