Imposition Wizard 3.2.1

28 Oct 2021

After a few months of beta–testing we’ve released the first public version of Imposition Wizard 3.2 with Apple Silicon support, better preview and some other new features. Read on for more details.

Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat mode got a new option that lets you specify the number of copies you need. By default it fills up the whole sheet with pages, but you can change that and get just 2 or say 500 copies of each page.

The new feature takes into account the duplex printing mode and if enabled, it keeps the even pages at the back of the odd ones.

Imposition Engine and Preview

If you haven’t tried the beta version, you will notice a better preview quality and properly processed gaps between the multiple copies of imposed pages. This includes overlapping bleeds and crop marks placement.

Acrobat imposition engine has also been improved for more stable processing of custom texts.

Preview is now zoomed to the whole page, not to the width of the page when you open a file.

Apple Silicon Support

Imposition Wizard natively supports Apple Silicon Macs. Use the drop–down arrow next to the Download button to pick the proper version of the software for your Mac on our website.

As Acrobat still doesn’t support Apple M1 processors natively, both Apple Silicon and Intel versions of Imposition Wizard come with Intel–based plugin. This means you can easily use Apple Silicon version of Imposition Wizard with Acrobat on ARM Mac to get the most of both apps.