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Imposition Wizard 3.2 beta

04 Jun 2021

The update comes with ARM Mac support, improved imposition engine and better preview.

Imposition Engine Improvements

The imposition engine has been updated to better process multiple copies with overlapping bleeds and crop marks. You should get much better output if you use one of those. Crop marks should be added properly between the copies and only if there is enough space for them.

Please let us know if you have any issues with overlapping bleeds, multiple copies or crop marks (both normal and gap).

Better Preview

Preview engine has been improved to better display scaled graphics. Thin lines and small elements should be more visible even if you zoom the page out.

ARM Mac Support

This is the first version of Imposition Wizard that natively supports Apple M1 processor. As Acrobat is still Intel–only application, the embedded plugin is also Intel–based, but Imposition Wizard itself is built for ARM and gets the most of the new Apple CPU. Just make sure you download the proper version for your Mac.

Ready to Try?

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