Imposition Wizard 3.3.1 beta

29 Mar 2022

This update adds support for Apple Silicon and 64–bit Windows versions of Adobe Acrobat and some other nice new features. Keep reading for more information.

Before We Start

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Adobe Acrobat Plugin Improvements

Adobe has recently released the native version of Acrobat for Apple Silicon and 64–bit Acrobat for Windows with enhanced security features. This update adds support for both, so if you had any issues with the recent version of Acrobat, installing this update should fix that.

If you are not ready to try this update now, here is a tutorial that might help.

New Marks Features

The update adds some new marks features:

  • New CODE–39 barcode marks;
  • New custom marks for placing ad–hoc artwork, including background art;
  • Marks panels got links to folders with custom artwork where applicable;
  • Many new text variables and a drop–down list of them for convenience;
  • New “Place on” option for marks so you can choose where to print them.

Other Improvements and Changes

The imposition engine has been re–worked to better support pages with different and shifted trim boxes. Preflight has also been updated to track such pages and report them.

Important: Flip backside option was fixed for reordered sheets. If you use both flip backside and sheet reordering options, consider reviewing your presets as the output may differ.

Pre–imposition preflight is now optional and can be disabled in settings.

The temp (system) folder has been moved to the user profile next to custom artwork and presets folders to better fit the Acrobat sandbox requirements.