Imposition Wizard 3.4 beta

26 Apr 2023

This is the first beta release of Imposition Wizard 3.4 with a number of really nice (and somewhat long–awaited features). Read on for more details…

Dutch Cut

Finally! This feature was asked for many years and it is finally here. Imposition Wizard automatically places the rotated block of pages below the main one or on the right of it to fit more pages onto the sheet. Customizable gaps, page repeats and other things.

Read more about Dutch Cut layout

Page Flipping Rules

Another new feature is the page flipping rules in most of the layouts. It lets you define a pattern for flipping pages upside down, so if you need to flip a row or do something more complex — it is now possible.

Read more about flipping rules

Batch Processing

Imposition Wizard now lets you batch–process a number of PDF files with the same imposition preset. There’s no need to learn the command line parameters as it is now can be done straight away with a few mouse clicks!

Read more about batch processing

Hot Folders

Another long–requested feature: now you can tell Imposition Wizard to monitor folders for changes and automatically process the PDF files there with the presets you select. No command line parameters, no scripting, just a normal and friendly user interface.

Read more about hot folders

Other Changes

Besides that the update improves presets management and adds the filtering option to the presets panel. Once the panel is opened, start typing the preset name and Imposition Wizard will filter the list as you type. This way you can find presets much faster.

Crop marks and gap crop marks have been improved to avoid any possible overlapping with pages, especially in complex layouts.

Please give the new version a try. It is still a beta, but quite a stable one.