Imposition Wizard 3.5 beta

31 Mar 2024

This is a first beta version of Imposition Wizard 3.5 and it is packed with new features. Read on for more details.

Pages Rotation

All the layouts except booklets got Rotate page 90° option. Combined with the Flip pages option they let you rotate source pages all the way around.

The new Content rotation parameter on the Sheet tab lets you rotate the whole page block 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Read more about content rotation

Sheet Margins

Horizontal and vertical offsets and padding parameters on the Sheet tab were replaced with the new Margins block.

You can now provide margins for all the sides of the sheet and Imposition Wizard will make sure the pages are not placed there in automatic mode. In manual mode you will get a preflight warning if pages are placed there.

Read more about margins

Automatic Color Bars

New automatic color bar option is added to the Marks panel. You can add it the same way as you add the PDF–based color bars.

The automatic color bar reads all the spot colors used in the imposition and automatically displays a bar of them. You can add CMYK colors there, if needed.

Read more about automatic color bars

Other Changes

There’s a number of other changes in this update, see below:

  • booklet creep section now lets you choose if you want to offset the inner, outer of both edges of pages;
  • folding mark option is added to the Marks section, works for booklets;
  • source pages can be centered and cropped instead of scaling;
  • custom texts got new "{spot-colors}" dynamic variable for listing the spot colors of the current imposition;
  • custom texts also got new dynamic variables for margins, see the dynamic variables drop–down menu for details;
  • custom texts got Flip upside down parameter that does exactly what it says;
  • crop marks got Skip empty cells option to let you draw marks around empty page slots;
  • right–clicking the sheet preview displays a popup menu with the grid information and some handy commands;
  • hot folders mode now supports saving files to the source folder;
  • hot folders mode now detects presets list changes;
  • presets can be imported and exported from the file menu.

There’s also a number of issues fixed in this update. This includes the Acrobat plugin problems with certain PDF files, startup freezes and some shuffle–related problems.

Getting the Update

Note that this is still a beta version and although quite a stable one, consider backing up your presets if you plan to switch back to the stable version of Imposition Wizard. It is good to have a backup of presets anyways, though…

Use the links below to download the latest version of Imposition Wizard for your operating system:

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)