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Imposition Wizard Updates

05 Aug 2014

Today we release Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.4 and Imposition Wizard Standalone 2.0 with lots of new features and improvements. Read on to know the details.

Booklet improvements

Both applications got a serious booklet layout improvement and now support “work and turn” and “work and tumble” options. Another nice new feature is the ability to copy up the spreads along the sheet. This means you can now impose several copies of a booklet on the same sheet. No need to shuffle pages anymore!

Crop marks improvements

Both applications now support thinner crop marks and also allow you to switch between registration and black color, which should make some of you guys happy.

Other goodies

Imposition Wizard for Acrobat now better supports duplex printing in manual sheet layout mode. Also some shuffle-related issues have been fixed.

The Standalone edition of Imposition Wizard got some speed improvements and runs even faster than before.

Have a nice day!