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Imposition Wizard for Acrobat version 2.1

02 Nov 2013

This new release brings some interesting improvements and finally comes with installer for both platforms.

New Features

Here are the most-requested features that has been added: color bars and texts can be placed in the middle of the sheet, millimeters units added, sheet size selector now understands both portrait and landscape orientation and allows you to switch between them.


Both Mac and Windows versions of Imposition Wizard for Acrobat are now shipped as installers, so no more mess with locating Acrobat folder and copying the files manually.

Although the installer will probably be able to locate and upgrade your current installation of Imposition Wizard, it is highly recommended that you manually remove the old copy. Just one last time :)

How to upgrade

Simply open the downloading page and click one of the buttons there to download the installer. Then run it and you will be updated in less than a minute!


We really need your feedback about these new features. Whether you are completely happy with the app or have any issues, please drop us a line in comments, so we know how it is going.

Have a nice weekend!