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Imposition Wizard for Acrobat version 2.2

03 Mar 2014

Version 2.2 features better crop marks, automatic updates and new pricing. Sounds good?

What is new?

This version fixes an issue with crop marks that disappear if run out of the sheet. Crop marks are now allowed to intersect sheet’s borders.

Starting with this release, Imposition Wizard will be checking for newer versions and report if something has been found. You can turn this off in the settings menu, if you like.

How to upgrade

Simply click the big red “download” button here to download the latest version. Then run the installer that will do the rest.

New Pricing Model

Our second goal (after making imposition easy) is to make our software more affordable to the end user. Our new pricing model allows you to use Imposition Wizard for just $15 per month! This is more than twice cheaper compared to the regular price of the license. See the details here.