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Imposition Wizard for Acrobat version 2.3

14 May 2014

Version 2.3 features new booklets and other nice improvements. Upgrade is highly recommended.

New booklets

This new version brings 8-up and 16-up booklets. We started with the most common layouts, but going to add more. Please suggest the features and layouts you are missing, so we can prioritize our list.

Cut stack

Double-sided cut stack has been improved to make sure that both sides of a sheet are used. Single-sided layout has not been changed.

Page scaling

One of the nice features of this release is a page scaling option. You can now scale source pages up or down to fit the target sheet exactly as you need.


We have also fixed a number of small (and not that small issues) like crashing when entering negative gaps values and temporary freezing while updating the document. So far we have no serious bugs in our list, so please let us know if something goes wrong.

How to upgrade

Simply click the big red “download” button here to download the latest version. Then run the installer that will do the rest.