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Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.7

12 Feb 2016

This release makes Imposition Wizard user interface a little bit more friendly by providing an application menu, and also adds some nice new features like colored cropmarks. Read on for more details.

Unproportional Page Scale

With this update you can scale pages without keeping their proportions. It’s not always necessary, but when it is - you can do this at the sheet configuration tab at the very bottom. Uncheck the “Proportional scaling” box and enter the values you need to resize pages.

Color Crop-Marks

Sometimes you need more than just black or registration crop marks, so we’ve added all the other CMYK colors: cyan, magenta and yellow for you to choose.

Custom Color Bars And Other Marks

Imposition Wizard comes with a set of color bars which can be customized by adding your owns. It wasn’t that easy before, as you had to browse deep down the plugin folder to locate the proper place to put a file. Now we changed this and all you need is to click File->Custom Images in the main menu to open the right folder. Best of all, the files are now stored outside of the plugin folder, so updating the software does not erase your custom additions.

We have also updated all the color bars to make sure they all are pure clean CMYK without any embedded fonts or other color spaces.

User Interface Improvements

We updated the application user interface by moving all that small popup menus here or there into the standard application menu. Absolutely all the features are still around, just have a look at the main menu instead of clicking corner icons.

We also display a progress bar while imposing documents, so you can see if the application is busy.

That’s Almost All

Have a look here for our plans for this year, especially if you use the Standalone version of the software.

Now that is all, have a nice weekend!