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Imposition Wizard for Acrobat 2.9

21 Nov 2016

This update adds some new features like customized page bleeds. Read on for more details and update instructions.

Customized Page Bleeds

Imposition Wizard computes bleeds by using trim and crop boxes of the source document. Now you can override this on the “Sheet” tab in the “Bleeds” section:

Overriding bleeds in Imposition Wizard

New Registration Mark

We’ve added angle registration mark that is processed by some printers. You can enable it on the “Registration marks” tab:

Angle mark in Imposition Wizard

Dynamic Texts

You can now use template variables in the custom text field:

Text template variables in Imposition Wizard

Use {filename}, {date} or {time} variables to add dynamic data to output sheets.

Shuffle Mode Changes

Shuffle layout behavior changed in duplex mode. The old versions of Imposition Wizard kept front and back pages together in duplex mode, so it wasn’t easy to setup a proper layout for some of the customers. This has been left as an option, but by default shuffle doesn’t care about duplex mode anymore:

Text template variables in Imposition Wizard

You can tick “Keep fronts and backs together” box if you need the old behavior. It is also preserved for old presets.