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The Future Of The Standalone Edition

12 Feb 2016

We have big plans for this year and the plans will affect the users of the Standalone version of our product. Sounds scary? No worries, read on :)

A Bit Of History

Imposition Wizard started about 7 years ago as a standalone Mac OS X application. It utilized OS X PDFKit engine and featured a clean and nice UI to make your job easier. A few years later we released the Acrobat version of Imposition Wizard that worked on both Mac OS X and Windows. It had a completely different user interface and the inner core, so we had to support two different products that basically do the same.

Both versions had their pros and cons, some of you guys bought wrong ones by a mistake, so we had to update your licenses. But we never liked that we have two similar products, so we decided to make a change.

The Big Change

The plan is quite obvious and is about merging both applications into a single one, so we both can enjoy the same user interface, simple licensing and easier support. Although it sounds simple, a lot of things needs to be done to make it real. We’re currently working on that and will probably need a few more months to release a public beta version, but I already have some details for you:

Sounds good? It does :)

What Happened to the Standalone Edition?

We are not going to provide updates for it anymore, except for the critical security issues. It will still be supported and available for ordering, until we release the third version. Then we’ll replace both versions with the single one and there will be no way to order Standalone or Acrobat version anymore.

These 7 years were nice, but it is time for us to unify our assets and provide a solid similar experience on all the platforms, regardless of the PDF engine used.

That’s All

Here was the news, your questions are welcome below.