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Imposition Wizard 1.9 and the new site

26 Dec 2012

The most important about this new release is that it finally fixes the overlapping bleedings issue. However, that’s not all the news for today.

The New Site

First of all, Imposition Wizard has moved to a new site -, this is a new home for Imposition Wizard, its Acrobat twin and some other new apps that we are going to release. We’ve done a lot this year to make this happen and hope you will love all the new stuff we provide.

The New Release

As said above, Imposition Wizard 1.9 fixes the overlapping bleedings issue, it also features optional reading of crop rect from PDF files, some OS X tweaks were also added, so the application looks well on the modern OS X versions. Visit the downloads section to get the very latest update now.

The Plans

The plan is to release two major applications in the next few months: a flatplan editor that we believe will make the life of some of you really easier, and the acrobat plugin that is being developed for a while now and will be ready for a public beta soon.

So watch this space for the news and feel free to leave your comments below.


To celebrate all this new stuff, we provide a neat discount for Imposition Wizard. Use “pressnostress” as a coupon code during the next few days to get a really good price. This will not last long, so hurry up!