Document Statistics Mode

This is the main working mode for Coverage, which is activated when you load a PDF file. From the left to right you can see:

  • The tumbnails of the document’s pages;
  • A large preview area of the currently selected page;
  • A statistics for the currently selected page and the whole document.

You see the printing costs for the selected page and the whole document immediately and can briefly run through all the pages to see if everything is alright there.

There is a printer profile selector at the top right corner of the window that allows you to estimate the printing costs against some pre-defined printer profiles. Make sure you configured the profile for your printer to see the right costs estimation.

At the bottom of the right pane you find a detailed document statistics which estimates the printing costs for a given number of copies. Click the Save to database button when you print the document, so Coverage can put these values into the database.