Background Page

Imposition Wizard allows to put pages from another PDF file under the pages of the source one. This is useful for adding headers or footers. Drop PDF file to the page or enter its name to the Background File field and it will be used as background.


As size of pages from background file may differs from the source file, you may define how to place background pages under the source pages. This can be done using anchors. There are four anchors, each “links” a side of background image to the same side of the imposition frame.

If you don’t define any anchor background page will be centered in the imposition frame of the page and clipped if needed. If you define left and top anchors, background page will be placed to the left top corner of the imposition frame of the page and clipped at the right or bottom side if needed. If you set both left and right anchors, background page will be stretch to fit the width of the imposition frame. The same for top and bottom anchors.

You may flip left and right anchors automatically depending on the page number. This can be done by Flip anchors for left and right pages checkbox. This is useful for books or booklets. If you enable this option and set top and left anchors, Imposition Wizard will use top and right anchors for every second page of the source document.

Multi-page backgrounds

If the background document has several pages, Imposition Wizard will use them all as many times as needed to add background to each page from the source file.